Crafting musical instruments yourself.

It's difficult to choose the best musical instruments for kids. Did you know that singing within the family strengthens children's self-esteem and sense of community? And that mastering a musical instrument improves the way the human brain processes parts of spoken language? For these and other reasons, it's important to introduce music to children from an early age.

So why not craft musical instruments yourself to have fun with music and get creative? Here are some homemade instruments that you can make at home with your kids, which will help them learn musical concepts.

If you don't have time to craft musical instruments yourself, take a look at Sonodrum, where you can find the best wooden instruments for all ages that also sound pleasant. And kids don't need any musical background for that.

List - Crafting Musical Instruments Yourself:

Children respond to different types of music and sounds, often to a greater extent than adults, as their ears are not yet as trained to specific sounds as adults' are. The most important thing: Give your child the opportunity to have fun with music, and they will go far. Music is a wonderful language understood by people all over the world, and it can enrich your child's life. Here is the list "Crafting Musical Instruments Yourself":

Homemade Harmonica:

Harmonicas fascinate with their delicate size and distinctive sound, but how do they actually work? If you take a look inside a harmonica, you'll see that thin brass rods - all of different lengths - vibrate when you blow into the harmonica. You can mimic this structure by tying together different-sized straws and blowing into them.

Can Drum Set:

The drum set sets the rhythm of a melody and is thus a key element in music. Whether you're dancing to the beat or singing along with the drums, drums are a great companion. You can build drums at home with everyday items like soup cans, Pringles cans, or even a tabletop! All you need is some kind of drumstick to tap along with.

DIY Tambourine:

Another form of percussion is the tambourine. Often, you'll see singers with a tambourine because they can perform several other tasks with a free hand, such as holding the microphone. If you're looking for a fun musical addition to your kids' acoustic performance, then the tambourine might be just right. And the homemade version is quieter than the traditional one!

Homemade Rainstick:

The rainstick produces another characteristic sound often associated with indigenous cultures. Realize this ancient sound with a homemade rainstick and hopefully create a calming effect in your home! You can make it from a cardboard tube, some ribbons, paper, and pebbles or beans.

Water Xylophone:

If you're looking for an instrument with a variety of sounds, you should build this musical water xylophone. By filling glasses with different amounts of water and tapping them with a spoon, your kids can hear the different tones that arise. This is a great activity to do with your kids' friends (or a younger sibling). Start a beat with one cup at a certain tempo, and you can join in with another tone or cup. Soon, you'll be creating your own musical masterpiece!

Paper Plate Banjo:

You don't have to give up country music when making these homemade instruments. You can find instructions on on how to make a banjo out of paper plates. Bring the microphone along, and soon you'll have a whole band at home.

Plastic Easter Egg Maracas:

The bright and beautiful maracas are made from colorful plastic eggs.


Plastic Easter eggs Plastic spoons White tape Popcorn kernels


Fill the eggs with popcorn kernels. Stick two plastic spoons on each side. Stick the spoon ends together.

Wooden Popsicle Stick Harmonica:

This is a beautiful homemade musical instrument for kids that they will enjoy making music with. It's a more advanced version of the comb and wax paper from our youth.


2 wooden popsicle sticks/pallets 2 rubber bands 2 toothpicks cut to the width of the sticks Paper (strips the size of popsicle sticks)


Place the paper strip between the sticks. Wrap one rubber band tightly around one end. Insert a toothpick behind the rubber band, between the sticks. Stick the other toothpick into the other end of the popsicle stick and wrap it with the other rubber band.

Conclusion - Crafting Musical Instruments Yourself:

You now have many ideas to craft musical instruments yourself. Be creative and do it with your kids. A handmade instrument is the Sonodrum tank drum or the Kalimba, both of which you can buy ready-made and can bring beautiful sounds into your home.

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