Earning Money with a Handpan?

How can I make money with my Handpan?

You've likely encountered a musician playing on the street before. Perhaps they had an instrument case, a hat, or a small box in front of them, and people would toss money into it as they passed by or after a song. Are you interested in playing your Handpan on the street? Then you should read our tips below.

You could also record your music and sell it - we also have some advice for that. Or do you want to become the star of a band and hold performances? That's also possible. And currently, the most popular way is through YouTube videos.

As you can see, there are several ways to make money with the Handpan, even if you bought it used.

Is a Handpan suitable for street music / busking?

The Handpan is excellent for busking. Your Handpan cost quite a few euros. Quite a lot. Have you ever thought about amortizing the instrument, or the amount? Play on the street, and you'll see that a few euros will come in every day. Quickly, you'll find out which are the best spots in your area and the best times, and then you can systematically earn money with busking.

Busking - Street Music with the Handpan

There are several reasons to engage in street music with the Handpan. Let's look at some of them here:

  1. You don't have to waste unnecessary time making phone calls or searching the internet for gigs.

  2. You are your own boss. No restaurant owner, no club owner, etc., dictating what you should play or how loud you should play. You can determine your breaks however you want.

  3. You do it when you want. There's no schedule to follow, although you need to pay attention to times when it's less busy and people have more time. Plus, you get to meet many people from all over the world.

  4. You get paid for practicing! No one will fire you if you make a few mistakes.

  5. You gain experiences (good and bad) that make life interesting and that you probably wouldn't experience in any other way.


Always be nice and friendly, no matter how you shape your music. Make eye contact and smile! And feel free to use a Handpan music book. Being a street performer is really hard work, but if you're good at it, you can earn money. A successful street performer probably earns more money than people assume. Here are some concrete tips for more successful busking:

Maintain eye contact with your audience

Definitely establish eye contact, see what your audience is feeling, and play accordingly. Notice every change in facial expression. But don't overdo it. Get them involved. Stay humble, mention your social media channel, and explain that there's more to enjoy there if they wish, and thank them for taking the time to share a moment with you and your Handpan.

Answer your audience's questions

Expect questions because you want to interact with the audience. Even if you know your instrument very well, it's often the first time many people have seen a Handpan. Inform the audience and those who take the time to inquire. This is just as important as the music itself, and in a way, it's a part you'll enjoy. Often you'll only play for a few minutes before someone comes and asks questions, and the next 30 minutes you'll spend talking about the Handpan and your individual experience.

Don't think about playing for money

Just play, feel connected to your instrument, and consider any compensation as a bonus. If you start playing just for the pay, the audience will sense it. That's not good! Play for yourself and for the audience that has given you a few minutes of their day. They will naturally feel like they want to give something rather than feeling like they have to give something.

Use a banner and advertise

You're out as a street musician seeking recognition for your art. You probably have an Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube channel. Social channels are an additional way to increase your visibility.

Take advantage of the opportunity of public presence to advertise your social identity and experience how your following increases with each hour your sign is visible.

Sell Your Music

Recording and selling music has never been more accessible than it is today. With numerous advertising opportunities on social media that only cost time, and affordable home recording options, recording an album is very cost-effective. Use teaser channels for previews and giveaways to sell a complete album of songs on that basis. It's not the easiest way to make money with your music, but it's often the most lucrative. Land a hit - a big viral hit can make a huge difference. If you're lucky enough to land one, the world is at your feet.

Start a YouTube Channel

We've already mentioned social media and how great it is to land a hit. There are already some musicians recording their Handpan music and releasing it on YouTube. Aside from potential ad revenue on your new YouTube channel, you also have the opportunity to promote new music, album sales, and product sales.

Offer Handpan Lessons and Workshops

Once you're an experienced Handpan player, you could offer lessons to beginners. One way to do this nowadays is through the internet. Returning to the YouTube channel, you could record hints and tips on how to play and what to practice. You could develop and market a video course on different styles, levels, and types of Handpans. There are very few providers of online coaching. There's a real gap in the market. Take the opportunity to make money with a Handpan in this way - have fun!

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